Why should we be your agency of choice?

Bringing your ideas to life is our mission


How do we go about it?


  • Listening to your unique pain point through discovery
  • Creative problem solving
  • Narrating your story through collaboration and partnering with your team making us an extension of yours
  • Practicing lean and agile execution methodologies while paying close attention to detail and minimizing your cost
  • Empathizing with your personas
  • Analysis and prescribing best approach for your project without limit or compromise
  • Developing and customizing cutting-edge, flexible and scalable solutions that addresses your pain points
  • Delivering needle moving results that impacts your bottom line
  • Pairing the appropriate creative resources in order to achieve your desired outcome
  • Valuing your time and keeping the promise to deliver your work in a timely fashion’
  • Solving your business problem, the first time around by leveraging our state of the art talent and industry experts at no extra cost
  • Following up after delivery to ensure we have met your requirements and reached your teams desired goal, if we have not then offering to make it right when you suggest areas of improvement
  • Bringing enthusiasm and passion to the table every chance we get simply because those are the reasons why we got into the business and also because we love what we do
  • Making your agency partnership as seamless and frictionless as possible with the desire to build trust and take on future projects





Starting a small business can be a challenge. You might find yourself frustrated at time because the answers you get online are a bit obscure. Some entrepreneur might even consider giving up. But giving up is not an option. What most people is the right online resources. Otherwise it might seem like you put a lot of time into researching a solution that you could have found by going to a one stop shop. That is just like me trying to bake a loaf of bread for breakfast every morning, while I could run 3 min to the grocery store and pick up any bread or just about. Taking the long can become routine, tiring and counterproductive. You have to find the zone where every minute you allocated toward your endeavor counts. No matter where you are at working today is just a matter of having a laptop and internet connection. Keep in mind there is a reason why you are passionate about your project and imagine yourself at the end of the project. That thought alone feels good. It feels as though you have accomplished something. Chances are whatever you do you will need an IT person(Computer GURU) to help you put together a professional site, an e-mail system, a productivity tool or intranet site. If you have employees, monitoring tools and a network. ITTIER has been in the business for over 15 years of experience helping small businesses and SOHO with limited resources get off the ground.