About us

ITTIER focuses on the IT model of small businesses, helping them assess, plan, implement and support an IT model that best fits their need in a changing market. In the past, many companies have acquired IT resources without consulting or accurate planning, costing them unnecessary expenses whether it be hardware, software or IT labor. ITTIER looks at the IT Tier of your business, and help you consolidate IT hardware, IT Software and an IT workforce that will greatly benefit the company allowing decision makers to focus on the most intricate part of their business versus spending exorbitant amount of money trying to support their IT infrastructure or riding the wave like everyone in the same industry.

At ITTIER we understand that every business is unique and has different challenges, we are against the concept that one size fits all. We pride ourselves with the knowledge we put to work for you. Our dedicated team of enthusiastic experienced IT Professional works in synergy to ensure that you are taking advantage of our knowledge to optimize your IT resources in turn saves you money and positioning you better in a changing landscape.

We view ourselves as one of the best IT consultant Firms in the market. ITTIER consults and offers IT services as well making us a one stop shop for your IT needs. Our dedicated team of web Designers, Graphic designers, application programmers, database administrator, network engineers, IT System Analyst , business analysts and system support engineers work around the clock keep abreast of IT technology and industry changes to help you achieve cost effectiveness and maximize profit.

We think of outsourcing in a new way. In the past Company have outsource to their foreign country, and realized that the cost of communication, lost in translation, lengthy or inadequate support has defeat the purpose of the outsourcing costing them money rather  than saving. So we have taking another look at outsourcing as a solution.

Mission statement

IT Consolidation and Digital Transformation