About this blog

13 February 2017
About this blog

We created this blog to engage with our user base, customer and industry expert on digital media trends, creating relevant content and discuss game changing technologies, innovative platforms and more...

We created this blog using a package called "Composite.Community.Blog".

To edit the blog posts as well as customize the blog itself, you should log into the CMS Console.

We added the blog on a page - no surprise here :) - "Blog". This is where you can add your own posts and customize the way they look.

Adding your blog posts 

To add your own blog posts or edit the existing ones:

  1. Log into the CMS Console.
  2. In the Content perspective, expand "Websites" / "Venus Starter Site" / "Blog".
  3. Select "Blog Entries" and click "Add Blog Entry" on the tool bar.
  4. Fill out the fields and write the content.
  5. Save and publish the post.

Customizing the blog 

To present both a list of blog posts and an individual post, the Blog package uses the "Composite.Community.Blog.BlogRenderer" function.

To customize the way the blog looks and behaves, set one or more parameters of this function.

To set the function's parameters.

  1. Edit the "Blog" page.
  2. Double-click the "Composite.Community.Blog.BlogRenderer" function.
  3. Select parameters you need and set their values.
  4. Once done, click OK in the Function Properties window.
  5. Save and publish the page.

For more information about using and customizing the blog, please read the Blog package documentation.


To use the DISQUS service as your comment system in this blog, you should have a DISQUS account and register your website.

  1. Log into your DISQUS account
  2. Copy or make a note of the site shortname shown in the "Settings" under "Site Identity".
  3. Now log into the C1 Console of your website and edit the page with the "Composite.Community.Blog.BlogRenderer" function.
  4. In the function properties of "Composite.Community.Blog.BlogRenderer", select the "Comments Service Keys" parameter, switch to "Constant" and enter the site shortname.
  5. Click "OK" to save the changes, then save and publish the page.



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